What’s in a (nick)name.

The earliest nickname I can recall was given to me by my twin as we were learning how to converse with each other. She couldn't pronounce my name so she called me CACA. And most folks know what THAT means in Spanish. The name stuck and became a term of endearment to this day within … Continue reading What’s in a (nick)name.


If content is king, surely context is queen.

"Data is an abstract description of reality," writes Jim Harris on his blog, Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality. ...The inconvenient truth is that the real world is not the same thing as these abstract descriptions of it, not even when we believe that data perfection is possible (or have managed to convince ourselves that our data is … Continue reading If content is king, surely context is queen.

Is your content off-key?

Continuity. A powerful word. One of its uses is in film: in one scene, her hair is parted on the right. The director cuts to a different angle in the same scene, but her hair is now parted on the left. Poor continuity. Well, something akin to continuity struck me recently, as I did a … Continue reading Is your content off-key?

Mass convergence ahead.

Of the myriad communication channels, none seems more trend-based than the potential convergence of all channels. But, is it just a trend? Mass Communications 101 Traditionally, Marcom managers focus on their organization's brand story. Academic and professional research writers have also developed the practice of using strategic elements of branding and marketing in order to … Continue reading Mass convergence ahead.